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About our house cleaning services

At best deluxe wash, We are a team of online trained house cleaners, serving Lahore for many years. We understand the importance of a clean house which leads to peace of mind for the home living person. So our trained staff put all our efforts and make use of advanced equipment and eco-friendly products to sparkly clean your home. Our services include scheduled cleaning, move-in/move-out deep cleanings, Special event cleanups, Customized cleaning plans. If you are here for “house cleaning services near me” then you can trust us because we offer trustworthy and reliable services at affordable prices. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Contact us today to know more.  

More Services

Our home cleaning services includes

Deep Cleaning Services

Get a detailed and intensive cleaning of your home with our Professional Deep Cleaning services. Our experienced and trained cleaning professionals will leave no corner untouched, ensuring a very clean home from top to bottom. This service includes dusting, vacuuming, cleaning, sanitizing and orgnization.

Regular Maintenance Cleaning

Keep your home clean and tidy with our Regular Maintenance Cleaning service. Our team will visit your home on a schedule that suits you, ensuring your home stays clean and hygienic. You can make a fresh start with our one of the best home Cleaning companies.

Clean environment

Deep cleaning gets rid of allergens, dust, and dirt from places that routine cleaning frequently misses. This leaves every inch of your house spotless in terms of hygiene, including nooks, corners, and spaces behind furniture.

Less Stress

Messy atmosphere can make you stressed out and disturb your mood. Coming back home organized, neat and clean can be so relaxing. It improves your mood and gives you happiness.

Increased Productivity

Research proves that a messy home atmosphere can disturb your focus and make it tough to concentrate on any task. While a clean and spotless home can better your ability of focus and productivity. Even then you can work from home and also work on personal projects calmly in such an atmosphere.

Benefits of House Detailing in Lahore

Maintaining a house cleanliness is an extremely tough task especially in Lahore’s busy life routine. Here is when professional house cleaning services help. 

Beyond just a weekly cleaning, house detailing offers your living area a deep clean and renewal. The following are some benefits that you will get when booking house cleaning services in Lahore from us

Better Sleep

Better sleep comes with a better room environment. A tidy bedroom might encourage higher-quality sleep. Allergens and dust mites can interfere with sleep, and clutter can make it more difficult to relax.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

All three- dust, pollen, and pet fur can create respiratory conditions. By removing these allergies, house cleaning helps you and your family have a healthier breathing environment.

Increased Lifespan of houseware

The accumulation of trash and grime that can harm upholstery, carpets, and furniture is removed by deep cleaning. It increases the life of your belongings and also helps you to save money over time.


Our Home Cleaning Services Portfolio

We at Best Deluxe Wash love cleaning homes and making them shine! Our experienced cleaners are trained to do an amazing job. We’ve helped many people in Lahore by cleaning their houses even better than they expected. Let’s see these before after pictures:

Curtain cleaning
Curtain cleanings
Curtains cleaning
Carpet-cleaning (1)
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The value we provide

Our aim is to provide ease and comfort to the citizens of Lahore. Our values keep us motivated to do better for our clients. Let’s have a look at some of them.


We do more than just superficial cleaning. Our skilled and detail-oriented workers are insured and trained to make sure every area of your home receives the care it needs. We use premium cleaning solutions that provide a deep clean while being secure for your family and pets.

Flexible scheduling

Our scheduling strategy is so flexible that we schedule according to your given time and it can be anytime. To book our team you can book us online at any time of the day.


Every home is different, so the cleaning preferences are also different and we recognize that. Whether you require a one-time move-in/out prep, a weekly deep clean, or something in between, we can design a cleaning schedule that meets your needs and your budget.

Satisfaction guarantee

Our core value is our customer satisfaction. If you're not happy, we'll make it right. We guarantee you a smooth process of your house cleaning with our trained team of professionals.

Our Client Testimonials

What They Are Saying?

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I used to wash my car myself, but it was a huge hassle. Best deluxe wash’s prices are very reasonable, especially considering the time and effort they save me. Plus, they do a much better job than I ever could! And Their team is friendly. They even offer different packages to fit my needs. Now I can spend my weekends doing things I actually enjoy.
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I have taken their services for the first time and I was impressed by their attention to detail. As busy person I was not taking care of my things like sofa, curtains and carpet, so I hired them to clean all my furniture covers. All things were spotless after the service. Really appreciated.
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They give the best car cleaning services in Lahore! My car was a mess when I booked them. They removed all the dirt and stains from my car's exterior and interior. A Satisfied customer.
Abdul Rafay
Abdul Rafay
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I'm a happy customer! I have booked their house cleaning services for the 2nd time and they didn't disappoint me. Highly recommended.
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One of my friends told me to take the best deluxe wash cleaning services. First I was not sure about them but when I booked them, the team response was so good. They really did an amazing job. My water tank and solar panel was super clean.
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With three kids and a dog, my car gets messy fast! Best deluxe wash does an amazing job getting rid of all the crumbs, muddy paw prints, and mystery spills. They even vacuumed the dog hair out of all the nooks and crannies! My car feels fresh and clean, and it makes driving the family around much more enjoyable. Thanks!

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Why our house cleaning services?

At Best Deluxe Wash, we acknowledge how personal and significant the decision to clean your house is. We’re committed to meeting your expectations with our superior home cleaning services because of this. Choose us for a stress-free experience, a spotlessly clean home, and superb customer service. These are the reasons why our services are unique:

Affordable prices
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Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
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Customized Cleaning Solutions
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Our services are only for Lahore. Any place within Lahore can contact us to clean their house.

We offer one-time, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly professional cleaning services, as well as special event cleaning and move-in/move-out cleaning.

Our standard cleaning includes dusting, vacuuming, mopping, bathroom and kitchen cleaning, and trash removal. See our services page for a detailed list.

Yes! We have customized house cleaning plans to fit your certain requirements and preferences.

Absolutely! For your comfort, our cleaners go through extensive background checks and are completely insured and you can trust them. We can probably be the best choice to your query “‘affordable house washing near me’’.

Scheduling professional cleaning services is easy, simply call us or leave a message on a given number on the contact us page. Our response rate is 100% positive. 

To prevent any cancellation fees, kindly give us a call at least 24 hours in advance.

Yes! Check our website for current specials and discounts for new customers, referrals, and loyal clients.

We guarantee your satisfaction! If you’re not happy, we’ll work with you according to you to make it right. We can be one of the best home cleaning companies to fulfil your cleaning needs.

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